Tuesday, March 2, 2010

T Tuesday - Urban Art

Christen is this week's hostess and she chose "Urban Art" for her theme.  I'm sitting here with snow outside the window having a cup of African Rooibos with lavendar and lemon grass.. I have to admit, I just didn't feel the urban art thing tonight... but I did find some urban art that fit my bill. Below is a mural that is done in ceramic tile on the wall of the Sponge Market in Tarpon Springs, FL.   
Tarpon Springs was settled by Greeks who made their living diving for sponges in the Gulf of Mexico. Today it is a thriving Greek community that is a huge tourist spot.  Happy tea party ladies! I'll be back home tomorrow... 


  1. Your cup of tea sounds delicious D!
    Love the sponge mosaic, diving for sponges has such charm to it!
    Happy T, so glad you could play along!

  2. I'll join Patty in saying that cup of tea does sound wonderful! I love trying new flavors out when I find them. And the mural is really cool--very sea-bright and fun-looking. =D

  3. Thanks for joining in with Tea, and even if you don't feel like theme-ing no worries, we love you anyways! And I do think you chose a cool piece of urban art! Christen (ps wordpress has had problems today so I used my other blog address)