Friday, March 12, 2010


So I have a question for all of you... I have an Etsy shop...Pieces of D (of course). Right now, there is nothing in it. I've sold many things from it, altered CD clocks (which haven't been selling well in the past year), jewelry (which  tends to be cyclical), beaded tea infusers and caddies (my best sellers, but I haven't been able to get the size infusers I need), some beaded hair sticks. I've never tried to sell any of my collages, art dolls (the three on the book shelf are the only three "Muse Dolls" I have left and I did sell a couple of them on Ebay),

altered bottles (complete with messages inside) or journals, or pastel paintings from my shop (although I've sold many to personal friends and followers - one of the attorneys at work even has a wall in her house she calls the "Dianne Davies Wall" as it is full of my pastels).  I've also never tried to sell my digital collages (you've seen all of them), as I've just started making them (How does one sell digital art?). I suppose I could have them printed on cards and such.  I also have a series of assemblage sculptures that I want to get published (although I haven't tried) before I even put them on my blog.

Sooo... okay I'm a bit afraid of rejection when it comes to my art for art's sake. Which, I guess is why I've only put "wares" and "wearables" in my shop.  Some of the photos I've just posted you've seen and some you haven't... Some I made years ago and they are just laying around... and my style is changing (you'll see that in my work that's in progress).  But my point is... Should I post them in my shop?  And if you have any ideas on pricing, I'd love to hear from you.  My email address is if you don't want to leave your advice in a comment.  Thanks so much!


  1. You are so talented! I literally love all of the pieces you just posted! I would definitely put them on Etsy if I were you. As far as pricing goes, I wouldn't know where to begin ~ I always have problems with that. That's why I have stuck to digital collage sheets lol. Pricing those is easy no matter how much time was involved...

    You have a start on a whole Etsy shop just with what you have posted here! I especially love the art dolls made with twigs. They look like fairies! Don't hesitate to list all of these in your shop!

  2. Hi...I'm so new to Etsy myself that I don't know too much, but I'm learning as I go along....I don't know how to sell digital art, i suppose you'd put it on a pdf file that you would email the buyer right after payment is received ... and you would show your photos on your etsy shop with watermarks on them so they'd be useless for someone to copy straight from the screen. That's how I would, and may do it!
    hope that helps darling!
    you definately should list your collages and art dolls...they are so inventive and creative!
    very lovely!
    thanks for coming by
    ciao bella

    have you checked out my new blog yet? just come to my blog and click on my photo link at the top of the page! see you there!

  3. Your work is lovely - I wish I had some Etsy advice but I'll be starting my own shop next month and don't have a clue yet! There seems to be a very wide price range on Etsy - I think you just need to go with what your gut tells you. I know that's not much help, is it?
    When I price things for our Market, I take into account the time it took to create the piece, the cost of materials and the uniqueness of materials (I charge more for a similar item if it contains vintage materials I cannot obtain anymore.)
    I think the main thing is just to put your stuff out there - you can always adjust your marketing strategy and pricing as you go along. Take a deep breath, list your beautiful creations, and see what happens....

  4. Wow, you have such a diversity in your artwork, so cool to have so many different pieces and styles.
    I would go ahead and put your stuff on Etsy along with the items you mentioned that sell well, that way people will come in and see the new stuff.
    I would do a search for similar art and for digital art and see how people are pricing and what's selling for them, that might give you a better idea of wether or not it might be worth the effort.
    If no one buys what you consider your sweetest pieces.. it just means the right people haven't been into your shop!!!
    Good luck!!!

  5. I haven't sold on Etsy before, but looking through all the art you posted, I'd buy! :)