Tuesday, March 16, 2010


To my blog friends... My hubby (and I) have been noticing how much time I'm spending on the computer blogging lately...basically from the time I get home from the time I go to bed... maybe with a bit of time for art and to feed the cats... eat and such... but last night I forgot to eat... So I am self imposing a rough limit to my blogging and will be splitting the time between my two blogs. I follow a lot of you and will continue to do so... but if I don't leave comments every day or for every post, please don't think I haven't noticed your beautiful art work. I always look at your work and read your posts, but I will be commenting here and there and not as much. I'm also going to cut down on the number of challenges I enter, but will shift around during the week. Thanks so much for your artistic friendship, understanding and inspiration... See you soon!


  1. I have noticed that both my husband and I are spending more time on the computer. But now that spring is on its way, we will need to be outside taking care of the shrubs and grass and hopefully a very tiny veggie garden. I am trying to cut back on the number of challenges, too, mainly because it takes me a long time to get into some of the blogs in order to comment. I don't know if it's my mac or if they have video or music or something that hang things up. I love looking at all the different viewpoints on the different subjects. I think lots of artists will be entering fewer challenges as summer comes on.

  2. Blogs and computer time suck so much time out of the day - as much fun as it is, sometimes we just have to step AWAY from the keyboard!!!LOL

  3. Good for you!! It is very time consuming and with spring arriving we all need to make time for other things.

  4. Oh good for you .... don't worry about offending, it's really hard to keep up esp. when the numbers creep up higher and higher...

    visit when you can, I love hearing from you...and I shall do the same, my darling blog buddy!

    ciao bella
    have a great night!

  5. hahaa It IS challenging to try to be everywhere AND do everything AND live our other life too!
    TWO blogs = Wowee! I can barely keep up with one
    All the best to you Dianne and Happy St Paddy's Day to ya Lassie!

  6. I totally understand, same here, too much time blogging, takes hours doesn't it? I am just grateful you had time to visit, thank you for the lovely comment :)