Tuesday, March 9, 2010

T on Tuesday

Welcome to the Tea Party. This week's theme is "Life in..."

I had this wonderful post with beautiful photos all about natural Florida... sigh... habitats, wildlife, rare plants... lost it... sigh... So here is a charming sight I pass by every morning and afternoon on my way to and from work.  I love that the Cedar tree has lichens and Resurrection fern growing on it. The succulents are what my mom used to call "Hens and Bitties." If a leaf drops it roots and don't you just love that old clay pipe?
Time for another cup of Twinings African Rooibos tea... sigh...


  1. What a beautiful sight to behold.

  2. Oh how beautiful!! Is it Echevira? I have one in my basement in a pot that I can't wait to move back outside. I had another one once and forgot to bring it in. It can't live here in the North Ga. cold. It bloomed once and it was the most unusual flower. Really cool!! Have you seen these in bloom before? I saw another one once in a magazine in a cobalt blue pot and it was blooming it's head off! I never forgot it. Guess what? I just bought the same exact tea!! Right after you told me about it! Love it!!! Also bought the Honey Bush and it's delish toooo!

  3. Love the Lichen and the clay pipe is awesome!