Monday, March 22, 2010


Some of you know I've been trying my hand at fabric flowers lately. Well, I bought a bunch of trim in a bag at a thrift store about a week ago and hadn't sorted through it yet. I pulled the bag out this morning and look what I found!

These darling little pink ribbon roses...

I love the ones that Susie at has been making, so I wanted to try.  The only problem is (was) is that she made them with a glue gun and I wanted to try them while waiting for my husband at the surgery center today (he had a minor procedure).  So I decided to stitch them instead.  Here's the result...

Then I looked through my button stash and found the perfect button to put in the center!


  1. I adore these flowers, I just have to try some!!!
    Any hints?????

  2. These flowers are wonderful! Love how you put that button in the center! xxoo

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your blog...and became a follower. Your flowers are darling. I'll have to try them.


  4. Bravo Diane...your fabric flowers turned out wonderful, I love them! And how fun to find the pink ribbon flowers in with your scraps. Hope your hubby is feeling good & all is well.
    Smiles Friend,