Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday Tea...

Having my second cup of China Black this morning from one of my travel cups... The first cup was on the way to taking hubby to work. The second, I'm having while getting ready to go have my fingerprints taken for a background check. If I pass the check, I will be offered a job with my County's health department in the Nutrition Division. I have no idea why they need my fingerprints. The last job I had I dealth with regional and state water supplies... I would think that that position would be more of a threat than that which I am going for... But mine is not to wonder...

I finished this book last night. A good read for the art lover... Historically based novel about Berthe Morisot and Edourd Manet... A story of their love affair and the beginnings of Impressionism. Happy Tea everyone!

Please visit Kimmie to see what everyone else is up to today...


  1. Hello and Happy Tuesday ... hope your job stuff goes well D!

    Your book sounds like a great read too!

  2. good luck with the new job application!

    thanks for the book recommendation! I LOVE historical novels!

  3. Maybe they have tightened their procedures since you were with the FL water. Of course, maybe it's a custom. Like you, I have no idea. But your tea sounds good. If it's black, you know I would love it. Regardless, good luck with the job. I sure hope you get it. I know you've looked a long time.

    I read your comment and all I could think was "OH NO." What I meant was that I needed to wash the CAN, then set it aside because I still needed to deal with this gesso mess. Sorry if I confused you. My bad!

    1. Ahhh... well that makes more sense! lol... I asked why I was being fingerprinted while I was there. She said it was beecause I would be dealing with health and finance records of the program participants... After the HIPPA Act was passed, fingerprints are required if you work with "sensitive medical" records.