Tuesday, July 24, 2012

ADD and Tuesday Tea...

I'm drinking my usual China Black this morning... Hoping that the caffeine will help me STAY awake now... as I've been AWAKE all night. Being a chronic insomniac, I'm used to it taking me a few hours to get to sleep (sort of)... but last night - and the night before - have been worse than usual. Night before last, I was still up at 4:10am. Then when hubby tried to get me up before he left for work I wasn't havin' it! So... again last night, I tossed and turned, was up and down, read, surfed... went back to bed again around four and was still awake when hubby got up at 4:50am... And here I am. The thing is, when I'm like this I can't really DO anything. I get all these creative ideas, but can't act on them. I got some great ideas last night... sculptural products I want to try, Christmas ornament designs... you get the picture.

Plus, I have all these unfinished sewing projects I've been working on...

the redirected change purse
dragonlfy stamped, tea stained muslin, instead of bling;

what's left of the redirected art quiltlet, with new embellishment ideas;

not quite finished "Field of Flowers" evening bag
still have to attach the melty polyester flower...

and suddenly I have the urge to play with paper mache... Maybe I'm ADD... And what should I do with all the muslin and batik tea bags I made, now that my tea business has gone nowhere? Anyway... pleae visit Kimmie to see what the rest of the Tuesday Tea-ers are up to... Maybe you can make some sense of them...

Wait... anyone out there ever use Paverpol???


  1. Oh goodness Dianne...my husband and I were just discussing insomnia this morning and what a terrible thing it can be. If you are ADD, it is because of your sleep issues I am sure.

    Your flowered evening bag is divine! I can see this with just about any color dress...a very white one with a bright orange scarf would be fun.

  2. sorry about your sleep issues D...that cannot be fun at all

    have you ever looked into acupuncture for that? I continue to be amazed at what all it addresses!

    As far as your creativity...you sound pretty normal to me ;)
    Creative minds naturally go all over the place I think ... there are so many ideas and things to try...shame you can't play in the middle of the night while you're awake anyway

    Happy T day to ya

  3. I can relate to the ADD. You sound so much like me...flittering from one thing to the next. Of course I'm self-diagnosed so who knows!?!
    Happy T day!

    1. I'm self diagnosed too! Actually a blog friend Creative Carmelina says we of this creative personality type are called "scanners." I'll have to look it up! Thanks for visiting!

  4. i'm sure i'm ADD...it runs in the family here...so sorry you cant sleep, that must be so hard...your little purses are so cute!!

  5. I guess I'm really lucky. Living alone, I can keep whatever schedule I choose. It must be hard to share a life with someone else and have to keep some sort of schedule. Sorry to read about your sleeplessness. I do like the nearly completed coin purse, and I always love your quiltlets. Happy tea today and I hope you got some sleep.

  6. I used to be an insomniac a few years back but I guess hormones, changes in my caffeine intake and some help from anti-depressants has kind of cured that. My favorite thing to try was audio books. I always loved having stories read to me as a kid. I choose easy to listen to book, often ones I have read before. No blood and gore or anything. I have little speakers by the bed (David is asleep in 30 seconds every night !) and a timer on my iPod. I set it for 45 minutes and some how, I would just fall asleep to the sound of the story. Not always, but it helped a lot on bad night. Maybe it would work for you?
    I hope you get some rest and some more creative energy ! Looks like you have some fun things on the go !

    1. Thanks Kim! I suppose I could try audio books, but I'd have to get a player... Maybe I'll check it out.