Monday, July 9, 2012

Mixed Media Letter Center and New Supplies!

I made this when I got my sewing machine a couple years ago... from a discarded valance, a piece of upholstery fabric, old sheet music, a vintage French dictionary page, vintage lace, scrapbook paper and lots and lots of buttons!

It has 2 pockets... one in front of the dictionary page and one behind the square piece of lace. I can see it hanging on the back of a door with letters and bill payments ready to be mailed... What? You pay your bills online and send emails instead of letters???? Well then... It will still hold those permission slips and report cards from school!

My hubby was cutting up old, worn out clothes for rags last night and presented me with some new art supplies!

A big ol' pile of demin scraps... already authentically distressed... I see mixed media art quiltlets in the future! Maybe some demin softies... more owl purses... etc...

And he came home today with the rear end ripped out of another pair... back pocket pulled right off!

IIIIII like it!


  1. oh lucky you, I would love these too!

  2. Re-using is such an inventive way to live! I love the denim with the frayed out hole. I could see you weaving some bright color ribbon through those threads!

  3. Ooh don't you just love when the man in your life remembers to keep old clothes out of the bin and in your stash box!! So many possibilities with old denim too =)

  4. Just beautiful and oh so shabby chic! I love all the layers and buttons. I'm glad you are back in blogland too.

    Ciao Bella
    Creative Carmelina

  5. Wow, Dianne! It's been awhile since I dropped by. And to think you even have a new and lovely blog face. How sweet. I really like that quiltlet. That's what I'm into at the moment, too. Mixed media at its finest and yours is awesome.

  6. Love your letter center Dianne, it must make you smile everytime you look at it
    there is nothing like old denim ... what a guy! :)

    Somewhere I have a denim pocket collection oh my