Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tuesday Tea...

A thirsty glass of ice....

For my first Tuesday Tea post in a long time... I'm drinking my Summer Red blend in one of my green vintage glasses.  It's been hot here... but thankfully not as hot as further north. And... we have air conditioning (no power outages since Tropical Storm Debby)... not to mention a fan blowing on me, since we keep the thermastat at 82 to save energy. Wow, that glass went fast... Think I'll have another!


  1. Who woulda thunk that it would be hotter in Virginia than Florida :)

    I think anything would taste good in that pretty emerald green globlet!

    Fun to see you again for tea
    Have a Happy 4th Dianne!

  2. I love iced tea! I've been having mine without ice though - you may have your thermostat set to 82 - ours is stuck at 65 - unless we turn on the heater - no thanks!

    your purses down below are super cute - are you going to sell them at a fair?

  3. I love iced tea so much and I hope the weather has cooled a bit for you.... though I am totally jealous as we are having a cold snap where I live in Australia!!! I wish it was warm...xx