Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Here's to Livin' the Dream...

I'm really a simple person. It doesn't take much to make me happy... In fact, the more stuff I have the more I feel dragged down. And believe me... I've got stuff! Loads of stuff! And a lot of it is old family stuff... other stuff includes mounting collections of acquisitions over my lifetime. Much of the time I feel like I'm crippled by my possessions. My mom was a compulsive shopper... and I was raised in a borderline hoarder house... We always had too much stuff... and since much of it was passed down through the family there's a strong relationship with it. Yes we have relationships with our stuff and when we want to simplify our lives and downsize, it's often difficult, if for nothing else than the guilt we feel for getting rid of family stuff... whether it be priceless heirlooms or junk.

I've downsized twice in my life... Just given and packed away stuff (and stored it because I couldn't bare the guilt of getting rid of it, but I couldn't live with it anymore) and moved on to smaller and better things. The first time was to the 400 square foot tree house above. I left most everything I had in the care of my (then) husband. The second time, I moved into a 600 square foot duplex on the water (the view out of my bedroom and screened porch is below)... Again, just left it all behind with my (current) husband. Neither time did I intend for the break to be permanent... It was just something I had to do in order to keep my sanity and luckily, both husbands understood this.

Now again I find I'm of the mind that I need to get rid of stuff... I need to simplify my life... So I'm setting out to go through closets, collections and studio and cull, cull, cull... some furniture included. Keeping my husband, by-the-way. But we are getting older and he has had cancer, so we've had to think about what could happen in the future, hopefully later than sooner...  I've been thinking seriously about how I want to live when I retire (or beforehand if I can't find another job!).  My 90 year old father wants us (or me if that is the case) to move into his house with he and my brother (also a simple person, but who still has stuff attachment)... but to tell you the truth, I don't want the responsibility of the upkeep of a house and more stuff!

(source unknown)

So this serendipitous turn of events has come about...I have a bit of money to access (my incomplete retirement account, due to the "reduction in work force" ordered by our infamous new governor). I've always wanted to live in a vintage Airstream trailer... I have a friend that has one and will sell it to me cheaply... I also have another 2 friends with property in the country that they want me to put it on, again cheaply...  There's room enough on the property for a small studio (shed with a/c and heat), a veggie and herb garden and a coop for a few laying hens. Sounds like a good retirement to me!

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I figure, while at least one of us is working, we could use it as a weekend home (holding off on the garden and poultry for the time being)... Yeah I know... "isn't that just more stuff"?  Well yes, but this will give me time to get rid of stuff before I actually live in it right? Hubby, really isn't too keen on spending the money for it right now (not to mention he's not willing to give up his stuff just yet!). 

But like Zachary Scott said, "As you grow older, you'll find the only things you regret are the things you didn't do." I haven't had an awful lot of regret so far (the one that sticks out is not buying the 6.6 wooded acres in north Florida with the well and septic for $4,000 - the perfect place for an Airstream!)... So, why start now?


  1. I love those Airstream trailers .... I've seen beautiful conversions of them into real living spaces ( seen it online that is ) ... When I was a kid we lived in a trailer - for 6 years. I learned early on how to stow and cubby and squirrel away things into nooks and crannies, using every inch of space. I would be very happy in a tiny cottage, a trailer, a treehouse, or a boat :)

    You have a lovely dream - I hope it comes true!

    1. Thanks Kimmie! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

  2. It sounds dreamy. Love those little trailers. I wish I had one in the woods just to use as an art studio!

    I hope your dreams come true.