Tuesday, February 23, 2010

T on Tuesdays

With all that's been happening lately, I almost forgot the tea party (hosted this week by Chriss of Paper Girls)!  But have no fear... I have my cup of Republic of Tea, Blackberry Sage Decaf here beside me. Wow.. the 70s huh? (theme for today) Hang on a sec... Have to take some photos...   
Okay I'm back... My mom and I used to exchange Asian tea sets at Christmas and on birthdays...  This is a set that I gave to my mom, when I was a teenager in the 70s.  The portrait this time is Mom. 


  1. a beautiful tea set!! i love blackberry sage, it is my absolute fav!! happy t tuesday!

  2. I've never tried blackberry sage. I'll have to hunt some down. The tea set and your mom are lovely. The 70's seem so long ago.

    Happy T Tuesday.

    oxo Judy

  3. Oh that is so sweet. Your comment over at mine made me giggle - a lot ! Enjoy your tea xx

  4. lovely post for tt you look like your mum.

    very sorry to read your sad news on the post below.

    take care
    chriss x

  5. What a sweet way to honor your Mom! The Blackberry Sage sounds delicious! I had a tea question and I knew if anyone would know you would....is Red Rooibos tea (African) the same thing as "Red Bush Tea"? My sister and I were hooked on the HBO Series "No 1 Ladies Detective Agency", and in the shows they were always drinking Red Bush tea, so we decided we had to have some too! When I did a search on it the Red Rooibos tea popped up. Do you know anything about this? Hugs!!!

  6. Lovely tea post and sharing Dianne!

    Take care heading into blizzard country!