Sunday, September 12, 2010

What beauty there is to each morning...

I pass by a small nursery on my way to and from work... Besides what they have blooming in pots behind the fence, there is always something blooming on the fence.  I always want to stop and take pictures of what's in bloom, but rarely have the time.  Last Thursday, I had the time and my camera... and was not disappointed...

What beauty there is to each morning...
whether it be the colors in the eastern sky,
or the dew, like diamonds, upon the grass...

a Mockingbird singing from a wire...
a single, silent Heron on the fly,
or chiming bells of morning mass...

or velvet flowers on a fence...
and even when you hurry by,
it will be there as you pass...

DDD 2010


  1. It's beautiful indeed ^_^. Hi, I'm a new follower of your blog, I love your creativity ^_^

  2. thank you for the simple beauty of morning i start my day.

  3. Lovely poem and sentiment. I love the morning glories, I have ones like these that self seed every year. I feel so lucky.

  4. "Velvet flowers on a fence." Nice. Are they morning glories? I've never seen them so dark purple.

  5. Hi Dianne,
    thank you for sharing this with us!!Have a great week.

  6. The morning glories are gorgeous and the poetry lovely.