Monday, September 27, 2010

Okay... I need some advice...

Remember my new (used) car?

She's pretty small... and by-the-way I ended up naming her Olive (Carmelina's suggestion) after all... Her personality is much more of an Olive than a Luna...  Anyway... you saw this in my last post...

My vendor set up... That's an 8 foot folding table (ordered online) and a 6" x 6" folding screen (already had it).  My problem is this... While the table fits in my car okay, it's very heavy and difficult for me to move around myself.  The screen, on the other hand, is almost impossible to fit into my car.  I have to prop it up on boxes and the front passenger seat and push it all the way to the windshield.  Visibility is lacking with this set up...

So, I figure I can sell the table or let my daughter store and use it if she wants to and get a couple smaller ones.  I've seen 6 footers that are exactly like this one, only smaller (obviously) and more manageable. But what do I get to display my paintings on?  I like the 6 foot height, but it's just too long for my car.  So, is there some way that I could put 4 three foot sections of lattice or something together and it be sturdy enough to stand?  Or perhaps a couple sets of small shutters put together to make a tower or 2 to stand on the tables?  Does anyone have any advice on what I can do?  How do you set up without a tent?  Thanks so much blogger buddies!


  1. Wow Dianne. I wish I had answers for you, but since I've never sold anything, much less at an outdoor event, I have no advice. I suggest walking the grounds and seeing what others do, how they display their wares that are similar to yours. Ask for advice and ask how owners of setups you especially like, like theirs. You are in a fantastic and enviable position to actually see what can be used, as well as what works in a limited car space.

  2. I've seen vendors use those wire cubes on their tables. I'm not sure if you know the ones I mean .... I've seen them at Target (in the "home organizers" dept.) and Costco. But you can basically configure them any way you'd like. You could make a couple of tall towers and hang pictures from that - plus have some open space as shelves. It's worth looking into - the price is right and it breaks down to be super compact.


  3. Dianne, It looks to me like you need a roof rack! I have a hard time fitting my stuff in the car too if I have to bring a table. Maybe a couple of smaller tables would be easier for you. The screen looks light enough to tie on a roof rack though. Good Luck!