Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday Tea...

 So...it hasn't been such a great day.  I woke up with an ear that was (still is) completely blocked.  I've been having trouble with it for a while and have been to the doctor about it twice and it keeps reoccurring, even after using prescription drops.  At work, our Board is talking cutting back staff, then upon returning to my office I found Ginsberg (my office fish) dead.  He was fine just an hour before.    So... I'm having a glass of wine (or two) instead of tea tonight....

But I still want to share some love and show you my gift for a dear friend...

Many of you know that I recently attended a professional conference for work and stayed at a beautiful hotel in downtown Tampa. Well... I wasn't going to be able to stay because of  budget cuts and distance policies... so my friend Kathie offered for me to room with her.  I graciously accepted and though we didn't really get to spend a lot of time together, we had a good time when we were together.

I wanted to show my appreciation to her, so before I left I fixed her up a nice tea giftie...

Inside this pretty stationery box were these....

a bag of Twinings loose leaf Earl Grey tea, one of my beaded tea balls and one of my beaded wine cork ornaments... on a reisling cork, of course, because we both drink reisling,. The cork is from a bottle of Cupcake Reisling from the Columbia Valley in Washington State (my favorite wine region)... which, incidently, is the kind that I have chilling right now.

Kathie is such an awesome person... She juggles a family and a career (with a long commute).  I remember when she got the news that the adoption of her son was approved.  It was during a previous conference of the same organization... She cried joyful tears and had me crying with her. She's also an officer of the local chapter of our professional organization and still makes time to workout and stay healthy.  I honestly don't know how she does it all..

Kathie, if you get to read this... Thank you so much!  I love you dearly and next time we get together, hopefully there will be some quality girlie time to spend...

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  1. I love the way you did the little parcel, I'm sure she will be so happy to receive it :)
    Enjoy your wine! I hope the rest of your week goes better.

  2. Enjoy your well deserved glass or two of wine. I'm sorry about Ginsberg. I hope your ear improves along with things in your life. Your gift basket is very nice.

  3. Enjoy your wine. Hope things get better for you. Love the little things in the basket. Very special. Take care of your ear.

  4. After the day you had, I'd be drinking wine, too. I hope this doesn't mean your job is in jeopardy. It's bad enough that Ginsberg died while you were at lunch, and your ear doesn't seem to be getting better.

    The package for your friend is beautiful and well put together. What a thoughtful gift that included those personal touches anyone would appreciate. Happy belated Tea Tuesday. Looks like I made it in just under the wire, but you may be so sloshed by now you don't even know what day it is (GRIN).

  5. Hi Dianne, thanks for dropping by at tea time,and yes the cake was very delicious. What a lovely friend you are; your gift looks so beautiful. xx

  6. sounds like a great friendship & you made up a lovely gift.
    Hope you feel better soon.
    Can I buy one of your lovely decorated corks ?

  7. sorry to hear about your fish, Dianne...hope you'll feel better... the gift is so beautiful.. I'm sure your friend will like it..

  8. Hi Dianne,
    Hope you ear is better today. So sorry to hear about Ginsberg. Hugs, Diane

  9. Lovely gift basket! And I hope you feel better soon...

  10. Sorry about your day; hope your ear is improving, too. I just love your gift basket; thoughtful and artistic! xxoo

  11. Such lovely treasures...enjoy!!

  12. Awww...I would truly LOVE to get a gift like that! Precious :)