Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tuesday Tea and Flowers...

So many of you know that I always put flowers on my desk at the beginning of the week, take a phone picture of them and send the pic out to friends to start their weeks off right... Well of course, having a G-gig (government job) yesterday was a holiday for me... so... here are today's flowers...

Notice what I keep my paper clips in on my desk... on the other side of my grandbabies' pic... a vintage Asian tea bowl...

and on my bookcase... my tea canister, Asian style tea set (a gift from my mom when I was a teenager) and more vintage Asian tea cups...  if you look closely in the 2 cups that go with the pot, you can see my Truvia in one and my business cards in the other... A gift from Kimmie is on the shelf (a lovely little tea bag folder made from paper, ribbon, and one of her twinchies all sewn together) sitting next to a tin of Green Tea with Pomegranite).

and here's my window sill... This sweet little pot is one I painted and glazed in deep yellow with purple and red slip stringers randomly applied.  I think it turned out very stylish...

So this is where I spend my weekdays, drinking my black tea...

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  1. Hi D.D.D. :)

    you have managed to make your G-job and office look very homey and peaceful! not so much a cubicle as Dilbert might have :)

    Thanks for joining me for T today - hope your 4-day work week is a good one :)
    Hugs, Kimmie

  2. that is a lovely space you have there Dianne!

    the Goldenrod makes a nice cut flower!

    the teapot you MADE is gorgeous!
    a lady of many talents you are!

  3. What a lovely idea with the flowers - are those Mimosa ? very pretty. The headmaster at the primary school where my children went took the hall display flowers home for his wife every Friday !!!

    Oh I see Patty's comment above that they are Goldenrod !

  4. Thank you for sharing your beautiful teapots, Diane...really beautiful..you are sp talented....

  5. Hi D- lovely place to spend your weekdays, very zen and beautiful! Happy week to you! Christen

  6. Oh, I love your office! You have made it so cosy. Love the tea set from your mom and the pot you painted yourself. This may be the office of a government employee, but it looks like the office of an artist!

    And how sweet that you send a flower bouquet photo to your friends each Monday to start their weeks off right.

  7. Hi D, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such lovely comments. I love all the little Asian cups and stuff in your office and around your desk.

  8. Love the pretty flowers! Your windows are beautiful!!! The teapot you painted and glazed turned out great!! I love coming here to escape for a few minutes...I always leave glad that I came! Enjoy your weekend :D

  9. Your desk area looks very Zen and so relaxing, and what a lovely thing to do for your friends at the beginning of each week :)

    Love the teapot you glazed too, yellow and purple are just beautiful together, and I have been catching up on all your gorgeous paintings, you have been very productive lately, doesn't that feel great?

  10. So lovely! I love your grapes, too!