Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday Tea...

As evident from my last post... I have trouble sleeping.  I try to wind down before going to bed... Sometimes this helps...

I love this little vintage Nippon tea cup... Such a serene scene painted on it.  It's part of a small hand painted vintage Nippon collection that I have... all with landscape scenes.  I'll have to post it sometime...

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  1. What an adorable tea cup. I would be so busy admiring the wonderful scenery and beautiful Asian art on the cup and forget to fall asleep. I've never heard of Calm. I bet it is something I might love when I've had way too much coffee.

  2. Sweet Friend...
    Thanks for stopping by my blog & leaving such a sweet & heartfelt comment! Yummy, a drop of tea sounds marvelous & I could use some relaxation too! Thanks for reminding me!!!

  3. I would love to see your other cups! I've never seen anything like them! Gorgeous! ♥

  4. Love your teacup. I like the idea of a tea called Calm. It must be awful to have sleep problems, I always have them when I have to be at work in the morning. By the way I don't know what the berries or weird apple things are I just thought they made pretty photos!

  5. My mother has suffered from insomnia for much of her life. It can be really tough. I hope that tea helps! I've also read that the herb valerian before bed can help.

    Love the teacup. Look forward to those photos of the whole set!

  6. Love the teacup!!! Calm is a tea I love!!!

  7. Love the little teacup. Hope Calm tea helps you sleep better. I have found that yoga helps me...as I think it is more the deep breathing and relaxation that does it.

  8. I looove the tea cup, Dianne and happy days to you and yours!!!

  9. I love this little cup, and hope that it did bring some gentle sleep to you. Christen

  10. Hi Dianne!

    I hope that your sleep is restful and calm tonight...just like this beautiful and serene tea cup!

    ciao bella


  11. very calm indeed ...... I'm sorry I missed this post ..... I hope you had sweet dreams :)

    Happy T! Kimmie

  12. Beautiful tea cup it almost looks like some kind of glass and it is very calming to look at. I am one of little sleep too and it really is taking a toll on me. Last night I let my dog sleep with me while hubby was away and that didn't help much either, he snored all night LOL, oh yes, he slept well didn't he?

  13. wrapping you in peace,
    filling you with

    "drink deep, from small cups"


  14. Thank you, Dianne, for your compassion. I wrote that post on the "returning tide" this afternoon, and somehow it just felt good to get those feelings out of me and onto paper and out into the void of the world wide web. And yet, it isn't a void, because people like you are out there, to catch those words and respond with love. So again, thank you.

    And I agree, I wouldn't want anyone else to suffer my pain, either.

  15. lovely delicate tea cup
    I was just reading ten tips for a good night's sleep and one of them said sleep to in the buff and the another tip was with socks on ? ... hope I haven't said too much LOL
    not sure why I'm late for tea
    sweet dreams tonight Dianne and enjoy our long weekend!

  16. Oh; I love this tea cup! It's so delicate and beautiful - calming!

  17. it's not just the tea is it? the cup is important and how it feels in your hands. it takes the whole package to get the full relaxing benefit from the cup of tea. i hope you enjoyed it.