Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sometimes inspiration comes from adversity...

This is the cover of the American Planning Association Magazine, Aug-Sept 2010 Issue. There's a feature article in it about the Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster.  The photo is of Brown Pelicans, which when in breeding plumage (as these are) are not brown. 

Where color once was
is now dark and brown.
The sleek and the buoyant,
now burdened... weighed down.

Greed is heavy among us,
encumbering the innocent.
Avoidable... sorrowful...
the consequences are salient.
D 2010

This is what they should look like...


  1. Great post Dianne and beautiful rendering of the pelican!

  2. Oh my gosh, that's heartbreaking. I feel so awful for those beautiful birds.

    Your poem is wonderful!

  3. This is so sad...

    But I have to tell you that when I first glanced at the second picture I thought it was a photo. How wonderful that you can capture their beauty for us to see and remember.

    (And thanks for your warm comments on my blog! Irish, eh? AND English Breakfast tea? We must be kindred spirits!)

  4. Three major oil spills in the last twelve months. Australia (deep sea well) Indonesia (tanker) Gulf of Mexico. And as your timely poem says "Greed is heavy among us,
    encumbering the innocent.
    Avoidable". We here are moving to Green. late and at glacial pace, but moving.
    Thanks for the visit and I must say, you two look so happy in the photos... well you look better than he does, but since when has a bikie wanted to look pretty!