Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tea Tuesday...

I'm having my normal black tea this morning in my travel mug... getting ready (okay I'm online and not getting ready at this moment) for work.  I thought I'd post my finished (touched up) Karner Blue painting...

and my Mourning Dove that I painted last night.  He's on a 5"x7" stretched, wrapped canvas that was textured with tissue paper (I was going to use it for a collage) and painted with acrylics. I'm not sure I'm pleased with the ruffled feathers on his back... They look kind of uniform... and I might use some more colors in the sky. Anyway... here he is... my "Morning Coo."

Kimmie's on vacation I think, but you can still see what the other Tuesday Tea ladies are up to by visiting her blog Art in Red Wagons.  We're a group listed on her sidebar.


  1. Mourning doves and their gentle manner and cooing rank up there with my favorites at the feeder. Great painting - I love it!!!Glad you could join us for tea!!

  2. and a sweet morning coo to you too Dianne :)
    Love your dove, wonderful coloring and feathers!

    we always have doves scooting around in our garden ... I enjoy watching them ... now if I ever saw a butterfly as beautiful as the one you painted in our garden here in N VA = WOW that would be something else! More butterflies this year than last which is encouraging!

    Happy T to ya!

  3. Lovely paintings. Enjoy your day.

  4. I love the beautiful color of the butterfly...and birds...oh, I love birds! Your mourning dove is wonderful! Such soft colors! I should try to draw every day...maybe I would get better! ♥♥♥

  5. The butterfly is lovely, but that dove is stunning. I think it is actually pretty perfect. Sorry I'm so late getting here. I've been out all day and finally made it here to say happy Tea Tuesday.

  6. Hi Dianne,
    your dove is just beautiful!Have a wonderful evening and thank's for stopping by.
    Hope all is well.

  7. Diane, I love these paintings....simply beautiful....have a wonderful week!!!

  8. Love your morning coo-they always remind me of Hawaii.