Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Life of Little Sleep...

The bed in the cottage behind the Bayboro House in St. Petersburg, FL.

Sleep doesn't come easily to me. It never has...
Night lights chased nightmares away.
A little girl's legs aching.

Creativity came in daylight hours...
Verse and embroidered flowers of blue.

Growing pains of growing up...
Loves found, loves lost...
A young woman's heart breaking.

Love poems in college years...
Of dreams not meant to come true.

Heart break of another kind...
Loss of  the dearest one...
Too soon a mother's taking.

Her creativity and life inspired...
Poems of honor and muse renewed.

Life keeps offering trials...
Injuries and illness, and more loss...
Love and hope not forsaking.

Inspiring strength and courage...
And a closeness to you.

Still sleep comes little and late...
Creativity comes day and night...
An artist's mind waking.



  1. Wonderful piece, and so very true!

  2. This is a lovely, sad, yet hopeful poem. And it's true - life keeps offering trials, but "love and hope not forsaking."

  3. This is a wonderful Piece of You :D: I love reading each stanza...truly written from the heart.

    I'm so glad to have stopped in here...inspiring! Poetry is another one of my own passions...and you've just lit a spark within me!'s always nice to hear from you, dear friend!

    ciao bella


  4. WOW Dianne, you express yourself so beautifully and speak to wounds in my heart too ... I have come to realize that this life must be meant for teaching us how to go on when eventually if we stay long enough everything and everyone we Love will leave ... you really struck a cord with me ... thank you for sharing so deeply.
    Brightest of Blessings always!

  5. Diane, your poetry is beautiful I love reading it. Lorrie

  6. I am totally impressed with this post. It touched me in a way even I don't quite understand.

  7. I think we all suffer from sleep deprivation - it goes with blogging! LOL :)

  8. I love to read poetry aloud....thanks for posting this! ♥

  9. This is beautiful really; very moving and meaningful. xxoo

  10. just wonderful, so very true, such thoughts of creation going on continuously!!

  11. Dianne,
    It is a poignant, lovely and soulful piece. Very heart-opening. Much of the loss you were talking about and the renewed creativity that is born from loss resonates with me. Thank you for sharing such a deep part of yourself.

  12. Dear Dianne with her heart and soul showing on the outside, thank yo dear one for sharing this with us. Sleep when you can and create, create, create... Christen

  13. Dianne, your words touched me deeply, and I am lost for words.