Sunday, August 1, 2010

Another (daily?) painting...

It seems lately that I've been enjoying my water mixable oil paints so much that I've been doing an "alla prima" painting every day...

Today it was a Karner Bluer Butterfly on acrylic paint primed, 6"x6" (trimmed to 6"x5 1/4") vellum. The dark colored stem, leaf and "buds" that all look black in the photo are a combination of black and dark green. After it's dried a bit, I'll go back in a add some lighter green shades to it.  I think I'm getting closer to the effect I want. I love the thickness and texture of the paint and the brush marks left.


  1. Hi Diane - this is very pretty.

    Thanks for your comment ..." Brill" is just short for brilliant fun !

    The others referred to " The Wash " They live in the North of England in Linconshire - there is a huge stretch of boggy sand I believe. I've never been there. What Tracey loves is a beach & the sea like I have five minutes walk from my house.

    I can't believe you motorcycle !!! I'm going to do a whole post about feeling low as I had some wonderful comments. I'm not ashamed to talk about it & it may help others struggling.

  2. Looking great, Dianne!! and thanks so much for the info on the oil paints!

  3. Rich and lovely creation Dianne, gorgeous butterfly!
    Happy Monday!

  4. Beautiful painting Dianne, and I love your latest bird on the post below. You really are hooked on those paints :)I have some water soluble pastels somewhere, gotta find them.

  5. Hi Dianne,
    I loved how you wrote about your experience of snorkeling and coming upon all the sand dollars-They truly are amazing to see aren't they?

    I see you are an artist too~So is my mother, I have her paintings all over my house.

    Have a wonderful week painting!


  6. A painting a day...I love that idea. To take an entire year & do a painting a day & look at your work on the 1st day & compare it to your painting on the last day. What enormous change & growth I bet you'd see. That would be wonderful for any see it's evolution if you were able to do it once a day. I need to think more on that!