Sunday, December 6, 2009

On Being Literate...

I read the lastest (as of now) post and comments on the Wake Robin blog (see my blog roll) just now.  One of the comments talked about the value in journalling and blogging and being read. The commenter talked about us (people) being literate, even when kids are texting... no real grammer or spelling, yet they still understand each other.  I agree, there is much value in that.

That being said... We ARE literate... and it's true that texting and other examples of communication that kids (especially) use these days keep them connected. There is definitely value in it. They are a part of a "society" and they are read. But I can't help but worry about a generation of kids that grow up not being able to spell because of text speak and relying on spell check. I worry that they won't be able to read a map or find their way without a GPS or can't do long division without a calculator.  I worry that future generations may lose these skills as a society.

As a mother, when my kids were growing up and learning the things they would need to be successful adults, I never gave them digital watches...always analog.  I wanted them to be able to read a clock.  Sadly, there are kids that grew up with mine that still cannot read an anolog clock.  Are we cheating our kids out of these skills by providing them with so many (for lack of a better term) "short cuts"?  Something to think about.

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