Saturday, December 12, 2009

I did most of my Christmas shopping today. I always buy all the grandkids pajamas... it's one of our traditions. As I said in last night's post, I either sold or gave away all the ornaments I made, but I still needed to make more for Bruce's grown kids and my brother and sister-in-law, as well as my grown neice and her husband. I needed something that was going to be easy and not time consuming. Soooo... no paint or glue to dry. My friend Maya told me about these terrarium ornaments she saw on Design Sponge, so I had to check them out. ( )

On my shopping trip I went to Michaels and got the stuff I needed for my own version; clear glass ornaments, deer moss, gold leaf skeletons, feather butterflies and irrisdescent glitter. I removed the cap, put moss into each ornament, then shook some glitter into them, then added a leaf skeleton and a butterfly to each and replaced the cap. Here are my versions...

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