Thursday, December 17, 2009

Art and Poetry

Just got back in from one of my whirlwind work trips. Hudson to Brooksville to Port Charlotte to Ft. Myers to Sarasota to Brooksville to Hudson... whew. Too tired to write a long post, so in that Christmas is a celebration of Jesus' birth... Here's a poem about another, very spiritual birth.  See if you can decipher the imagery...

The Welcome

The sun turns turquoise to gold
from high overhead.

In the distance, the margin between gulf and sky
is still imperceptable.

A mother pushes her newborn to the surface
for its first breath.

The infant breaks the glass, breathes deep
and dives for the blue.

An angel stands still, knee-deep,
and silently blesses the arrival.

Dancers in red shawls and headresses
reel in celebration.

I watch from the grass flats,
my feet in the water like a mangrove

...and wait for the next breath.
                                 D. Dianne Davies

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