Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Gift...

I arrived on Christmas morning at my daughter's and was greeted by my 3 year old grandson Austin running out of the house wanting me to come in and see what Santa had brought him and his baby sister Ansley.  I did and Bruce and I hauled in more gifts.  My daughter is very talented at making her home beautiful and welcoming, and she loves to do special things with walls... broad stripes to frame a row of photos, vinyl monograms and beautiful paint colors.  Yesterday, I found something new... well, new on a wall...

a child is that which
    warms your heart
        brings to your home
            does joy impart.
a child is that which
    brings tears to your eyes
        gives you innocent laughter
            fills you with pride.
a child is that which
    you hope will soar
        fulfill all dreams dreamed
            and be all things wished for.

I wrote this poem in 1994 and she stencilled it on the wall between her childrens' bedrooms.  This child of mine, brought tears to my eyes... again.

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  1. That was a beautiful poem & that is a beautiful child. I'm sure he brings a lot of joy to your family:>)