Friday, December 11, 2009

Cold Winds, Warm Treats and Holiday Cheer

Today at work my department had our holiday luncheon. Everyone brought a dish to share. I made candied yams, that my director said had just the right amount of brown sugar. There was roast pork loin, green bean casserole, rice and mushrooms, cranberries, peachcobbler and cheesecake! Yum! We always do a yankee gift exchange. This year I put together a tea gift set. A blend of Teavanna loose teas (African Rooibus and Silver Needle White) in a round jar, with a beaded teaball and beaded bamboo (spoon) teaball caddy/rest. My supervisor picked it... the our GIS intern stole it from him.  It's always a good time... What do you think?

I wanted some "Florida Christmas" pictures... So I braved the cold wind and got these photos...

Well I sold and gave all of my slide mount ornaments away... I may take the recycled CD angel magnets and turn them into ornaments.  All I need is some strapping tape, then the recipient can choose to use them as magnets or hang them on the tree.  I think they would make nice ornaments.  Maybe I'll do that this weekend.  Although I do have to do some shopping tomorrow.  I was going to do it after work tonight, but it was cold and windy and started raining as I left work.  So... I came home and fixed my favorite cold weather (yeah I know I'm in Florida, but the cold damp wind cuts right through) treat, milk toast.  This is something my brothers and I ate while we were growing up.  You toast slices of bread and heat milk with butter and a bit of salt, then pour the milk over the toast.  Yummy!

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