Monday, September 12, 2011

Vintage Makeovers...

Here are a couple of things I've been working on... First, the candy dish...

I got this pretty little hand painted plate for a quarter at a thrift store.

I had a set of frosted glass candle sticks at home, so I mounted it on one of them...

and made this cute little raised dish for candy... keys... jewelry or whatever!

Now the old rusty cheese grater... which I got for $2 at the same thrift store.

I had my hubby cut a groove in a block of wood to mount it on. It needed a groove to slip the bottom of the frame into, because I wanted it to be able to sit on a dresser or vanity.

I then covered the base with decoupaged metallic gold tissue paper, glued in the frame and added more tissue paper to hide it. I also painted the edges with metallic gold acrylic paint to match the paper.

I adhered an old pink flower brooch to the loop handle at the top and added a pair of vintage leaf earrings....

I thought it needed more bling, so I glued a strip of rhinestones across the top and bottom....

and voila! I have a cool, shabby chic earring tree! 

I love it! And it's great for both wire and post type earrings, since it sits upright and doesn't hang on a wall.


  1. Clever ideas and inexpensive also, always a good thing.

  2. you do continue to amaze me with your creative uses for cast-off things!

  3. Great makeovers - love them!
    Have a wonderful evening.

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