Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday Tea...

I'm sitting here drinking my usual morning black tea and thought I would share a blog post I wrote for the California Tea House Tea Chat Blog, Tea Health category, last night. It's a review of their Bedtime Chai II. It has yet to be published on the blog, but you can reach their website via the link above or by clicking on the button on my side bar...

Yes I'm one of those people... one of those who can't turn off their minds to get to sleep... one of those chronic insomniacs that take hours to fall asleep regardless of how tired or sleepy I am... and to top that off... I have Restless Leg Syndrome... not to mention the stress of today's economy...

silver tray

So... every night before I attempt to get to sleep I sit out on my front porch and have a pot... yes a pot!... of some kind of "sleep" tea.  For two nights now, I've been drinking California Tea House's Bedtime Chai II.  Although, the jury is still out on whether it will help with the RLS, I've slept better the past two nights than I have in quite a long time...

close up on silver tray

It works well for me and the taste is wonderful! It is not wildly spicey like many chais. You can taste the Chamomile and Vanilla Bean and each individual spice, but the sweetness of the African Honeybush shines through! I highly recommend this tea if you have trouble sleeping... or even if you don't... It tastes that good!

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  1. I enjoy Chai tea, but I really DISLIKE chamomile. I suspect it is an acquired taste and I simply don't have it. Like you, I have trouble falling asleep. Luckily, I don't need much, and when I put in a full day's work, I fall asleep like a baby. But since I seldom have a schedule anymore, sleep becomes irrelevant. I do feel bad for your RLS. I have a friend who has that problem and trying to sleep can be a really painful time. I sure like your visuals today! Happy tea.

  2. just reading about that lovely tea has me feeling serene and calm ... ;)

    very nice article...the silver tray with tea looks super too

    Happy T to ya D

  3. i'll have to try some of that for my mom. she has insomnia and RLS, too.

  4. I love chai! Not so fond of chamomile though. So not sure what the combo would be like.
    I tend to fall asleep pretty well but wake very early...this morning it 4am. I like to think I'm getting some good stuff done that early then. I did some yoga, made coffee, packed 3 lunches, ran the dishwasher and figured out what to make for supper before waking anyone up.

  5. I understand about the trouble falling asleep, I'm glad you've found a tea that has helped, I hope it continues to do so.

  6. sounds good, i'll have to try it. i sometimes have the chamomile in the evening. it really does help me relax. sometimes i think it's more the ritual, the right cup, sipping the warm tea, holding the warm mug, stopping to take the time.

  7. I needed this one...I am an insomniac with RLS and Fibromyalgia. Perhaps a pot of tea is what I need. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I drink alot of a sleepy time type tea to fall asleep - but then find I have to get up in the middle of the night to pee!! Kind of self defeating!!!LOL
    Drop by for more tea, if you get a chance!!

  9. I could learn a lot about tea from you! I like to have a variety on hand but I don't remember to drink it! I drink coffee in the mornings and water all day long! I need to learn to enjoy tea! ♥

  10. I enjoy a good sleepy time tea and your chai tea with a little warm milk sounds like it would be great. The tea I enjoy for bed time is either San Francisco tea company's "relaxing tea" or the Montana spice company's "evening in Missoula" ... Anything with skullcap is a good bet for a great insomniac tea.

    Happy Tuesday ... Sweet dreams!

  11. Good Morning Sweet Dianne...
    First I must thank you for your kind words about my BSBP mishap! I do agree, that sometimes these party's just get too big & it seems overwhelming to try & comment on 362 blogs...don't know if I'll join on the next party...it IS too much stress!! lol
    I too have a terrible time gettin to sleep & always have even as a teenager & just recently, maybe the past 9 months, I've had problems with RLS too. It sucks, right!
    I LOVE a chai tea, so I will have to try this Bedtime Chai II...thank you for the tip. Us insomniacs have to stick together, my trick is benadryl. I know bad to take meds, but really, I'm an old lady now & really need to get my sleep, LOL!! ;)
    Big Hugs my always there for me, long time friend!!!

  12. Chai is a beautiful tea! one of my favorites for the crisp fall time change. A POT, really? don't you have to pee! Aye! ;-) Missed my tea this week but wanted to pop in and wish you a Happy T on T

  13. Hi Dianne...It's Friday night. Thanks so much for your visit to my blog and your comment, too. Come back any time! Susan

  14. Dianne, sometimes, when I get that sleepless bug (terrible isn't it!), I make a cup of chamomile tea from Upton Tea Imports. My only problem drinking anything before bedtime is...potty calls in the middle of the night! So it's a Catch 22! *sigh*

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Love your photos of tea in the silver dish. I'm a silver fanatic too! Gotta love that tarnished look!

    Hugs and Sleep Tight!

  15. A very calming post! Sorry about your sleep problems; but we must find whatever helps us rest.

    FYI-I have new Blog: http://mrockart.typepad.com/art-rocks

    Too many serious Blogger issues. Hope you'll follow and visit often. xxoo