Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday Tea...

What do you add to your tea? Honey, lemon, Stevia, milk, mint? The possibilities are endless... In the mornings I always drink a strong black tea... Lately I've been enjoying it with ... ready for this?  Coffeemate French Vanilla creamer. I love vanilla in my black tea and once in a while I get on a kick where I add milk. The only sweetener I use is Stevia. So when I'm on a milk kick, I use the creamer... It adds the vanilla that I love and the "milk" ... I know it's non-dairy... and it's sweet enough that I don't even need the Stevia.

So... in my pot is some strong black Ceylon tea that I will add creamer to...  The flowers in the little vase on the tray are Basil flowers from my herb garden. Basil is something else I like to add to my teas... Sweet Basil adds a delicate spicey touch. I didn't grow any Sweet Basil this year, but I did grow African Blue and Cinnamon Basil. I've been enjoying White Tea in the early evenings with a sprig of Cinnamon Basil steeped in it. It adds a very subtle hint of cinnamon.

African Blue Basil

Is there something out of the ordinary that you like in your tea? Happy Tea Tuesday! Be sure to visit Kimmie to see what the rest of the ladies are up to.


  1. I use agave nectar. I also like an orange slice depending on the flavor of the tea. I love using herbs of all kinds. Happy tea day.

  2. Your tea sounds very inviting. In fact, I was just checking my sweet basil to see if it was ready to harvest. I've been munching on my Thai basil all month. My cinnamon basil, which didn't make it past the seed stage, will have to wait till next year. Sadly something kept it from growing. But I sure like the looks of that African Blue. I've never seen or even heard of that variety. Color me impressed!

  3. Enjoy your tea, no matter what you add to it.

  4. ummm I can almost smell that fresh Basil from up here

    my fav cuppa is Earl Grey with a little milk and sugar...I do sometimes add a little honey to herb teas...but nothing as exotic as your vanilla creamer ;)

    pretty T today Dianne

  5. Your tea pot is beautiful...and I adore basil. I've never grown African blue basil. I used to add things to my tea...stevia (grow my own) or honey, but I've stopped adding anything to most teas. I just savour the flavour. oxo Judy

  6. I use honey when I'm drinking black tea. For herbal teas I don't add anything at all. My sister in law loves the French Vanilla Creamer and I'm always sure to have some on hand when she comes to visit.

    My basil this year is definitely not sweet basil - which is disappointing - I must have made a mistake in the purchase of the seed packet. The one I ended up this much more like mint than basil.

    Happy Tuesday Dianne!

  7. Hmmmm . . . I've never thought of adding basil to tea and will have to give it a try. My basil is almost finished, but I do have a bit that's still looking ok. Cinnamon basil??? Will definitely have to look for it next Spring! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  8. Isn't that basil beautiful! I like a little honey in my tea but now that I'm using Stevia, I may try that! Thanks for the sweet comment you left me this morning! HUGS...one of these days I'll give you a HUG in person! ♥♥♥