Monday, September 26, 2011

I Let the Cat Out of the Bag...

Or... the bird out of the cage...

This was supposed to be a surprise for my aunt's wedding, but I slipped last night on the phone with her.  She wanted a box for her gift table to put cards in... Her wedding is bird themed, so I thought... why not a bird cage?

Her wedding is October 1 and will be held outside in the Georgia mountains... Her flowers are red, white and yellow/orange bicolor roses and rose hip berries. I couldn't find the silk bicolored roses, so I used the big orange rose hips for that color. There will be birds on the napkins and other decorations. I'm still working on her guest book... which will have a cute little bird on it too.

I know... I need to get on it... I'm leaving Thursday!


  1. You really DID let the bird out. Love this arrangement, and the entire birdcage assembly is stunning. Sounds like you are in a bit of a time crunch. Have a fun and SAFE trip.

  2. isn't she lucky to have your special creativity grace her special day

    I Love that you let the bird out of the cage...I always get a little sad when I see birds in and berries are so much more lovely!

  3. Love it! How much fun to be able to create such nice things for your aunt's wedding....look forward to pictures from it!

  4. The cage is beautifully done,Dianne!Your Aunt will love it.