Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Worth the Wait!

What a difference a couple days make...

This was my night blooming Epiphyllum yesterday when I got home from work...

When it got dark I started going out every half hour or so to monitor its progress...

I stayed up 'til after midnight to watch it open...

open lovely flower
and scent the night air sweetly
darkness falls on thee
D 2010


  1. Oh My Goodness! this is so wonderful! what a marvel of creation...and the fact that you stayed up all night to watch it all happen and unfold right before your eyes is so sweet...that sounds so much like something I would do! heheee...

    thanks for coming by....
    i've just been so busy with the family, we're on holidays here all together..and blogging is getting to be a bit of a challenge! lol

    have a great night!
    ciao bella D!

    creative carmelina

  2. What a marvelous flower, I'm glad you stayed up to watch it unfold and to take photos of it. It is beautiful!

  3. This is stunning Diane - how lovely. I smiled when you mentioned zucchini as we call them courgettes here and eggplant are aubergines ( mine is in flower now so here's hoping ) I had to get used to the new names for them when I lived in Antigua.

  4. oh my gosh, diane, that is amazing!!! gorgeous photos of it...what a cool thing to share with us!!! thank you!

  5. it reminds me of staying up late to catch a meteor shower :)
    that is just so cool!

  6. Incredible! Thank you for sharing this; nature, huh? Awesome!

  7. How amazing! I've never seen one of these! Beautiful...I'm so glad you took pics to share with us! Thanks! ♥