Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tuesday Tea...

It's Tuesday morning and I'm having my tea (black) waiting for 9am. So far this morning, I've been to the tax collector's office to get a duplicate title to my SUV and to the finance company to get a release of lien since they apparently didn't record it when I paid my SUV off. I kinda need that so I can trade it in for my new (used) car! So... when the finance company opens, I'll head there again... then to the tax collector... again... then maybe I can go pick my car up and go to work!

In the mean time...  MY EPIPHYLLUM IS BLOOMING AGAIN!!!!!

I'm so excited! I've had this plant since I was 18 or 19 (I'm 50 now...I'll let you do the math) and it has only begun blooming for me this summer... and... wouldn't you know it, I wasn't here to see it either time!  So... I WILL SEE THESE BLOOMS!  There are two.  I'll keep you posted on it's progress!

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  1. how exciting about that lovely blossom Dianne!
    your post seems to speak all about "patience" ... lots of it :)
    Happy T Tuesday to ya!

  2. I feel your pain with the red tape your wrapped up in! what a hassle! at least it sounds like you're coming to the end of it here!

    your bloom is gorgeous! is that any relation to the "Christmas Cactus?" it sure is beautiful! you must be such a wonderful "mom" to have had it for so long!!!!

    Happy T today! Kimmie

  3. What a long time to have a plant, and how exciting it must be to watch it bloom. Enjoy your cup of tea.

  4. What a remarkable plant. I've never heard of epiphyllum. Sounds like it might be a cousin (very distant, perhaps) to a pothos. Will enjoy seeing the newest bloom, too.

    Sounds like your early morning with government officials and offices was pretty standard for government offices. I hope by now it's all sorted out and you have your "new" vehicle. Happy Tea Tuesday regardless.

  5. What an interesting plant!!! Keep us posted on its blooms!

  6. What a beautiful and intriquing plant. Happy you visited my blog for T on Tuesday. I'm having fun meeting all the others who participate. Look forward to hearing more about your lovely blooms.

  7. Such an interesting flower coming on your plant. They all look so beautiful and healthy.
    Thanks for your kind comments on my blog :)

  8. My son was asking me if the tax collector was just one man - collecting a LOT of money ! ( My grandfather was a tax inspector ! )

    Fabulous plant & lovely that you've nurtured it for so long.

  9. Good luck with your car stuff and hopefully all will be resolved. Looking forward to the progress with your plant!

  10. Happy T, Diane!!! This plant is really special....have a good week!