Monday, July 26, 2010

Tea Tuesday...Meet Ginsberg!

What's in this pretty little stone box?

Fish food... Fish food?

Yep... fish food... Meet Ginsberg, as in Allen (the poet). He lives in my office...

He has his own Zen Garden...

He's very zenful himself... quite soothing in a stressful world...

He keeps me company during my day...

during which I drink my black tea from my Tervis travel tea tumbler... (old photo, red or other decaf starts after 2pm)

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  1. Ginsburg is a spectacular-looking fish! He deserves a fancy fish food box like that. Enjoy your tea!

  2. Gingsberg is gorgeous = WOWEE Dianne ...
    a very sweet companion I'm sure and it just seems right that such a regal fish would have a very special fish food container ;)
    Happy T Tuesday to ya!

  3. Ginsberg looks colorful. Can't tell from here if he's zen or not. I was really wondering what was in that lovely box, thinking of course, that it was tea. That's a very beautiful box for fish food. I sure hope Ginsberg appreciates it. Happy Tea Tuesday.

  4. Ginsberg is so sweet! what a brilliant approach you have to your workspace - with your little zen fish and your monday flowers - you have a handle on customizing your space I think! I can just picture you on the phone and staying quite calm with your lovely things to focus on :)

    Happy Tuesday! Kimmie

  5. Hi, I would like to return the compliment but I have trouble seeing your blog on my screen. Whoops! It just came clear! Now I can read the text. I can also see Ginsberg. He is so decorative, much more so than his namesake. Was that Arthur? :-)

  6. What a gorgeous fish and beautiful box! I love pretty boxes to store anything and everything in! Lovely post! I'm putting your blog on my list of favorites...don't know why it's not there! ♥

  7. I know what you mean, I had one on my desk at one time....Chloe. I know I know he was a male. very nice "space" he occupies!! Enjoy.