Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday Tea...

I've not been inspired to do any artwork lately... I did buy a piece of Birch plywood, a jar of black gesso and some pastel fixative... I'm not sure if I will use any of it in combination...  but it's a step forward... The next step will be to get my pastels and some paper out to get back into practice...  Baby steps...

In honor of my baby steps back toward pastel work...
A print of a mid-century oil painting...

La Nappe Jaune (The Yellow Table Cloth) c.1956
Georges Brague (1882 - 1963)

Georges Braque is considered one of the founders of  "Cubism" in collaboration with Pablo Picasso.  I love this type of painting... It's an effect that I'd like to get with my pastels...

Happy Tea Tuesday!  I'm having Hedleys Pomegranate Green Tea.  What are you having?

You can visit all the Tuesday Tea ladies at Kimmie's!  http://artinredwagons.blogspot.com


  1. Pomegranate Green sounds wonderful. I have some Pomegranate, but it's got something else with it,. I would love to know how you like your black gesso. I've never used black, so would be curious to see how you like it. I think it's the heat (at least in my case) as to loss of art interest. I sure like the Brague painting, though. Happy T today.

  2. Hi Dianne!
    I'm having coffee, coffee, and more coffee!
    i'm a coffee NUT!

    I'm glad to hear you're getting back into the art side of things! I hope you are inspired...and that you share all that you do!

    ciao bella
    thanks so much for coming to see me!

    creative carmelina

  3. yum...and i really like this painting too...thanks for sharing info about it...good luck with your return to pastels..

  4. Happy T Tuesday Dianne!!! I love the new blog design..steph

  5. I'm sure you can get that effect with pastels - I used them a lot at college. Good luck.

  6. I'll bet you could do that ;) .... the black gesso sounds like just the ticket too .... can't wait to see what you do!!!

    Happy T today! Kimmie

  7. Your tea sounds yummy and the painting is wonderful ... every muse needs a rest
    Enjoy Enjoy