Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday Tea...

This morning I slept late... which was good... For the last 2 days, my allergies have been so bad... sneezing constantly is exhausting... So this morning I'm sitting here job hunting, blog hopping and researching projects...

I'm drinking my Monkey Paw black tea with Stevia and milk...

from my favorite mug... It's very whimsical and pretty...

Who says a tea bag caddy has to be a tea bag caddy...

This lovely little votive holder fits my tea ball perfectly!

Of course the tea ball is beaded to match the mug and caddy!

Happy Tea Tuesday everyone! Don't forget to visit Kimmie and look at her comments to see what the rest of us are up to!


  1. What a lovely combination, I love the blues. Best of luck with the job hunting and have fun with the blog hopping, I can get lost for hours doing that.

  2. You are so creative - I never would have thought to use a votive holder as a tea bag caddy. And of course I love your beaded tea ball. Hope the job hunting goes well, and you find something worthy of your knowledge and gifts, and something that makes you happy. I know that's a tall order in this economy, but we can always hope for miracles...

  3. They are pretty together. I will have to look for votives now. :) Love the butterfly in the cup. I wonder if I could find a dragonfly? Happy tea day.

  4. I love your photos, such gorgeous colours :) and no, the tea caddy doesn't have to be a tea caddy--DDL uses a glass, pedestal, sherbet dish :) enjoy your day.

  5. Our weather here is finally starting to change so many are getting coughs and colds. Hope your allergies clear up soon. Haven't heard of Monkey Paw black tea. My kids like to drink tea with milk and have a piece of chapati -- that's breakfast on the weekends, or during the week for a snack. Best wishes with the job hunting. Hope your day is great. Tammy

  6. your winged mug is so pretty Dianne
    and your tea ball holder is the perfect color and design too!

    thank you for sharing a lovely tea with us

  7. My favorite colors .... And butterflies and dragonflies ... That would be my favorite mug too! I love your little votive tea ball holder too :)

    Happy Tuesday Dianne!

  8. Oo I love the blue glass of your votive holder, and what a neat idea. Love that tea ball too with the beads!

  9. I love your beautiful tea cup! I was just working on a photo of a butterfly to post tomorrow! We traveled the long road to NC yesterday...11 hours! But we are here safe and sound and I think I need to sleep late tomorrow! I wish I had a cup of your tea right now! I'm still smiling thinking of us meeting...and getting those warm blog hugs we're always sharing! Enjoy your day, my best blog buddy! Hugs! Diane ♥♥♥

  10. Another Tea & accoutrements collector. Just gorgeous. Good luck with the job hunting!



  11. I'm lovin' your tea mug! It's beautiful and the votive holder - gorgeous blue!

  12. Warm tea with milk.. Im with ya, anytime! :D
    Love our set too, very colorful!