Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday Tea... and Dreams...

Do you have a dream? More than one? Maybe an alternate dream in case your main dream doesn't work out? I have a couple... maybe a few... One of my dreams is to have a tea business... blend my own teas and serve them in a cute bohemian tea room... A shack of a store front where I can sell and serve my teas and my art and crafts. I guess I've been collecting for this my whole life... what with my love of teapots and orphaned cups... and thrifting...

I think I'm off to a decent start with a couple of tea sets I've put together... Above is what I call my "Worldly Set." It looks like a combination of different cultures and eras, don't you think?

This is my "70s Bohemian Set." Apart from the Depression Glass "Cubist" pattern sugar and creamer, it's very retro... a vintage Avocado green teapot with raised fruit and some 1970s Avocado green mugs.

You all know I have a whole collection of tea pots and am always looking for more. I think when I finally get to open my bohemian tea shack... I'll be prepared!

Now I'm going to take my chai tea and visit some of your wonderful blogs... Be sure to visit Kimmie to see what everyone else is up to!


  1. Love the "worldly" teapot - I collect the same - and old silverplate- trays, flatware, teapots.
    Follow your dream...............

  2. I love the idea of putting together your own tea set! That really works because usually one thing breaks ans spoils the set .... My favorite is the bohemian one - I love that craftsman style!

    Here's to dreams that come true!

  3. You are off to an excellent start for your tea room. I suspect it would be a tremendous place to visit. You should keep that dream alive, Dianne. It will serve you well.

  4. I hope your dream comes true for you. Those sets are beautiful. Hope your day is wonderful!

  5. Love the tea settings - really detailed and beautiful. Chase your dream!

  6. i love them both! and i would love to visit your shop :)

    my daughter did a story on the woman who started misred outfitters in st. petersburg. she's only 28 and living her dream... if you want to read about her here's the link to the article (might inspire you!)

    Vintage clothing store connects owner to
    family, community

  7. My husband brought me some Taj Mahal tea from Bangalor India when he was there for work this past April. Now that's it's cooler, I am so into this tea! With a little half and half...yum!

    Love your sweet tea sets and your dreamy dream.

    Keep on dreamin'...they eventually come to life in one way or another!

  8. i love both of your tea sets. don't stop dreaming, better yet quit dreaming and go for it.