Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thrift Store Adventures

So... of course while in Dawsonville, GA for my Aunt Marlene's wedding I HAD to visit her favorite thrift store! The Market Place Thrift Store just off GA400 is an awesome place! The ladies there are so nice and so very creative!
I love how they've painted and antiqued several of the pieces of furniture... like this purple desk and reupholstered stool...

and this wonderful green desk and the lamp with the cute, shabby, chenille shade...

The vignettes are so cute...
look at this old chair with the
ceramic acorn and orange shoes!

Artwork is everywhere... like this hunting dog painting...

rose and

Isn't this red chest
and old door vignette

And this old settee... I could see this in my house...

Of course I had to look for old teawares... I'm not sure what you call this, but it's a brass teapot, suspended in a sort of cradle over a burner to keep the tea warm... I was afraid to take it off the self to take the picture!

Old kitchen items...
an old mixer...

and canning jars
in a caddy...

Porcelain figurines... these have fabric dresses that have been coated with porcelain(?)! Aren't they beautiful?

Of course there were clothes and jewelry,
but I tend to focus on home decor items...
like this great purple dresser...

more bird prints and knick knacks...

Love this mosaic watering can!

Isn't this crewel work gorgeous?
My mom taught me to do crewel and floss embroidery...

What an amazing place
and the prices were great!

Being on a severe budget, I only left with some old cigar boxes to alter and a box of cute watch bands to make some cuffs from... but... as long as my Auntie M lives there... I'll be back! You can count on that!

The Market Place Girls are working on a website. In the meantime you can reach them at
645 Auraria Road
Dawsonville, GA


  1. i love that green dresser with the black knobs and the black chair! also the old mixer - wonder if it works? they have a darling store, i hope you link to their website once they have it up and running.

  2. FUN tour
    thank you D
    your photo captures are excellent!

  3. Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures...looks like a place I would love to visit..the lavender dresser is one of my favorites...I love anything in shades of purple.

  4. Thanks for taking us along!!Have a great weekend.
    XO Marie

  5. What a fun place; thanks for the tour!

  6. What a fun trip and visit to that store. I loved the red dresser vignette, as well as the canning jars in the holder. These are really gorgeous. But that TEA POT is fantastic. Loved it.

  7. It's always so much fun to go to a new shop! I love that little red chest...and I see a wire bottle holder I could really use! Looks like a fun place to shop! Hugs! ♥

  8. Great stuff - I love the settee, the hunt pic and so much more!!! That MixMaster for $24 is a good deal. I got mine at a local yard sale, with the bowl for $5 - I love it - it works better than my new one!! If you ever have a chance to get one, do it!!!

  9. i love seeing all of these tea sets and antique store finds! first i come to your blog and start craving a cup of tea and now i can't wait to head to the antique shop! thank you for all of the inspiration :)