Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday Tea...

This morning I'm reviewing California Tea House's Golden Monkey Paw black tea. It's a beautiful whole leaf tea, with amazing color and flavor.

Aren't these leaves just gorgeous??? Being whole leaf tea, it is full of flavor and beneficial antioxidants...

And the color of the steeped tea is so lovely... This is a fullbodied tea with a smooth flavor that will hold up to sweetener and milk! I invite you to visit their website (please use the photo link on my sidebar, so I will get credit should you decide to buy some) and browse all their wonderful teas!

They are a delight for the eyes as well as the taste buds! And they have a tea community with a chat forum and blog. When you participate in the community, you can earn reward tokens which you can redeem for tea! Plus... shipping is free! All the time!

Don't forget to visit Kimmie for the Tuesday Tea Party! Look for comments in her tea post to see what everyone else is up to.


  1. This looks like the kind of tea I would REALLY LOVE. I am a full bodied type gal. Unfortunately, I have enough tea to keep me for many, many months.

    I'm sorry to read about your template woes. I am truly unable to help you. I read through a post by a gal (I forgot her name and blog address) who gives out free templates, and also sells some. None of it made much sense, but that was because I was trying to use my own background and header. My computer friend took my existing html and turned it into a three column layout. I have NO idea how he did it, but he told me the blog I went to was a convoluted way of making the 3 columns.

  2. It is a lovely tea and looks great in your glass cup. Thanks for the info. Enjoyed having tea with you today.

  3. This tea looks so pretty in a clear mug! I need to find some of those. I should look at the thrift store! Enjoy your afternoon! ♥

  4. lovely...as you are always such warm company!

  5. that certainly is beautiful looking tea...lovely photos D...very inviting!
    Happy T to ya

  6. A world class tea review! How fun! Great pictures, great descriptions .... And I love your tea charm :)

    Happy Tuesday!

  7. it looks and sounds lovely! i'm going to pop over there right now.

  8. Lovely leaves and the tea sounds wonderful!