Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday Tea... Back from the Woods...

Well, I'm back from my aunt's wedding. It was so beautiful... if I do say so myself (I helped with the centerpieces and made her the goodies from the previous post). She was a gorgeous bride and she is so happy! So, while I'm sipping my rooibos tea this afternoon, I thought I'd share a few pics of where I've been enjoying my morning (and evening) tea for the past few days.

Here is her porch, looking up from the lake...

this lake... Lake Lanier...

sipping tea with these little guys and their friends...

watching the Dogwood leaves turn...

and fall wildflowers bloom...

and finding bright colors on the ground...

I so love it up there. I was the only one in my family not born near where these pictures were taken... The only Floridian... and... while I love being a Florida native... going to north Georgia has always been like going home to me.

Happy Tea Tuesday everyone! Please visit Kimmie to see what my tea buddies have been up to!


  1. Looks so lovely and serene...sigh I could use such a retreat :)

  2. just beautiful, what a lovely place to have tea! xx

  3. What a beautiful place! I'm glad you could have a little retreat and participate in such a happy occasion!!

  4. Looks so autumn like, unlike here so far. Thanks for sharing and I'm glad the wedding was beautiful.

  5. What a gorgeous spot ! I can see why you love it so.
    Happy landings back at home.

  6. Looks like there's magic in them there woods! Love the blue Ageratum and those birdies too!

  7. I was SO impressed by all the photos and your description of Georgia in words and photos. Truly lovely. Have a super Tea Tuesday.

  8. thanks for sharing this beauty with us... what a peaceful looking place!

  9. I'm so glad it was a lovely time. How could it not be in such a gorgeous setting? Enjoy your tea.

  10. what a beautiful setting. perfect porch and view for a cup of tea.