Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday Tea...

Just before we moved a few months ago, the little tab on the skeleton key broke off in my hutch lock... So... the door has been locked with no way of opening it. When I packed everything up, I had to use a bent up coat hanger to retrieve teapots and such from the right side of my hutch, as I can't reach all the way across the front of it from the other door... Just this past week, the hubby was able to get it opened... of course by cutting the bar, but he was able to do so without damaging the door any further.

So... here's my empty hutch...

Tomorrow I plan to invite my neighbor over for tea and finally unpack my teapots, sets and other "hutchables" and place them in their places of honor...  I'll be sure to get photos of the process and of the hutch with all it's belongings...  So Happy Tea Tuesday! I'm going to have to brew more Rooibos for ice tea.. It's quite refreshing and has no caffeine, so it's great for evenings.

Don't forget to visit Kimmie to see what the other Tuesday Tea-ers are up to!


  1. It will be fun unpacking your tea "stuff" and putting it in its proper place, I look forward to seeing the finished project. Enjoy your tea.

  2. So sorry to hear the key was broken, but good that you were able to get it open without much damage and now you can use it properly. It sure looks sad and lonely without its contents. Have a wonderful tea time with your neighbor. Best wishes, Tammy

  3. I have a side board that lost a skeleton key years ago (I think a toddler absconded with it). I was heartbroken to have to break into it. I still think that key will turn up one of these days - probably in the bottom of a toy box :)

    Your cupboard is beautiful - I love all of the glass!

    Happy Tuesday (on Wednesday!), kimmie

  4. It's too bad the key was broken to your hutch. But it was good your hubby was able to get the door open without further damage. Will look forward to seeing your neighbor and you enjoying a cup of tea. I also like those butterflies in the previous post.

  5. I've never heard the word Hutch in those terms - here a rabbit lives in a Hutch and your piece of furnature is a 'display cabinet ' !!!

    Thinking of re joining T Tuesday as I miss everyone !