Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mr. Jay

I don't think he's finished yet... but here he is...

This photo doesn't show his wonderful colors...deep blue hues (of course), violets, lavenders and yellows too. I think he's very "painterly," which is what I've been trying to achieve. I'll get better photos later... maybe after he's finished.

For now... I have to head to my office to salvage what I can from the water damage. 


  1. lovely! and sorry about the water damage...

  2. Love your bird!! It is so cool. Sorry about the water damage. Riki

  3. He is a beauty!! Sorry about the water damage.
    XO Marie

  4. That bird is gorgeous. I am in awe of your style.

    Hope they were able to get the water break under control before you had to take on your share of the damage. Be careful about mold, which can grow quickly in warmth and humidity.

  5. He looks like he's posing for a princely portrait ... So sweet! I love the way he is all fluffed up :)

  6. Mr. Jay is gorgeous! Sorry to hear about the water damage but paid leave isn't such a bad thing. Best wishes, Tammy