Sunday, July 10, 2011


I've seen such cool paintings lately of birds and flowers against a collaged and/or "modern" background, so I decided to experiment with it. Meet the "Red Knight." Titled for the pages decoupaged and peeled on the hardboard support.

I then mixed clear gesso with a sage green acrylic paint and washed the background with it. The paint drips, smudges and circles are acrylic paint and the Knight himself is done in oils. I wish I could get all his wonderful colors in the photo... but that's something I need to work on. He has violet, plum, lavender, orange and yellow highlights. I'm thrilled with the bird, but the jury is still out on the background.

As for the water damage in my office... Thanks so much for your words of encouragement. Actually I was lucky in that my files, computer and personal things survived... Well most of it anyway... I had a Van Gogh poster (The Iris Garden) that apparently didn't survive... It's just gone... and I can't find my college diploma. It was hanging on the wall along with my planning certificate, which survived undamaged... so I'm hoping that my diploma was packed away by the restoration contractor along with my wedding picture that was hanging below it. The grandchildren photos on my desk survived... so again, I'm hoping my diploma is just packed away somewhere. My art dolls and other artwork survived as well... also my little Airstream trailer model (my retirement motivation) and the teapots that I had there are fine.

Unfortunately... on my way home, after moving files and such to a temp office... I was waiting to turn left into my neighborhood and someone pulled out from a stop sign and hit my poor little "Black Olive" car. This time... it's undrivable... Sheesh... A couple months ago, I hit a street sign and landed in a ditch to avoid hitting a bicyclist (in a hard plastic neck brace no less... he couldn't turn his head... do you think he even could have seen me???)... hence the "poor" little car.  I love my little car. Is there no end to my bad luck???? I feel like Schleprock!!!


  1. I love this- wonderful! Sorry about your belongings- Here in Illinois, I can appreciate your water damage and frustration!

  2. I love your cardinal, and I think the new background is intriguing and interesting. But I'm so sorry to hear about your missing things and your car :(

  3. I really LOVE this background and is worthy of a kingly painting!

    Is this the same restoration company that lost my shelving, put me on their back burner for six months, left me with many unmarked boxes, and ignored my requests for help in locating my missing items? I hope not, or that wedding photo and diploma will be heading overseas (grin).

  4. So sorry about little "Black Olive". You've had some difficult times. But I'm glad to see you using your creative energy and getting some beautiful birds flying out of you. Keep creating.

  5. Your cardinal is wonderful! I love the effect of the book page background :)

    So sorry about the string of bad luck though! Is that the new car you got last year! I think you were going to name it Bella? Maybe I have you mixed up with someone else .... But "yikes!" anyway!!!

  6. Sorry about the big bumps on your road. Glad some wonderful keepsakes survived.
    Your birds are so full of hope, so yu must be too, inspite of the Shleprock vibe. Sending light and love your way !

  7. very sorry about your misfortune(s)'s never fun when loads of things happen at once!

    Your "Red Knight" painting is wonderful

    take care and hope things take a good turn for you if they haven't already!

  8. I love your beautiful cardinal! And I sure hope things have been going better this week! It does seem to come all at once! Take care! ♥