Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Susan from  posted about twilight, with magical photos, and asked what images it evokes in her readers... Here's my responding comment:

Twilight brings to my mind Night Hawks hunting on the wing and other night birds readying for their evening activities, Owls, Whippoorwills and Night Herons...

Here's my twilight post...

(Photo of painting from Photobucket; artist unknown)


You flew from ground roost to limb.
Phantom of the mercurial light.
Profile silhouetted against the dark.

You knew me...
I watched from my window.

Calling sharply, you lure me out.
Tonight, again, you lured me out,
not with voice, but enigmatic sight,
lured me into the calm afterdusk...

That unnoticed time between dusk and night,
when shadows rise and cross the wood.
D 2001


  1. sooo sweet! i;m so sorry about what;s happening in your gulf....i love it there..

  2. This is beautiful Diane. Twilight for me is watching for bas - magcal

    I think we need a bloggers retreat ... we could craft, talk, walk & share experieces - then maybe we will find out Mojos at the end of it xx

  3. I love this post and the poem is fantastic! I read it over and over. I have a thing for owls and this is just perfect for my feelings about them! Thank you! And yes - it's heartbreaking what is happening in the gulf - tragic! Positive thoughts continue. xxoo

  4. the poem is wonderful and I too love owls, that "unnoticed time between dusk and dark" I always think of as the childrens hour.

  5. ok, that may have been a silly comment from me! is a nightjar the same as a night hawk?

  6. The bird looks very much like a nighthawk, which I finally saw for the first time on a writing retreat in June. They must be related.

  7. I love this post and the poem. I've really been enjoying the twilight hours this year they are so peaceful.

  8. such beautiful words Dianne ... just perfect!

    night hawks are very cool birds ... but then all of Mother Nature is pretty darn amazing isn't it!


  9. What a wonderful post friend! The poem is are so talented. Thanks for sharing this & my heart & prayers go out to every living thing on the gulf coast. This is truly soooo tragic!

  10. I had never seen a nighthawk before! But when I took an evening walk...I saw them up close and personal! I thought I was not going to make it back home...I didn't know what they were and they scared me! (I hate bats and thought at first they were huge bats! lol) Now that I know what they are...I can appreciate them! ♥