Friday, June 25, 2010


Okay... it's all staring to get to me... the heat, undependable transportation, family illness, medical bills, my muse has gone and I'm being bombarded with news and images from the Gulf. Tuesday would have been my mother's 78th birthday... She's been gone almost 17 years... you'd think it wouldn't bother me so... but it's ingrained in my soul. Today was my maternal grandmother's birthday, which was ingrained in my mother's soul. I know this from her writings and just by knowing my mother.  They are together...

Don't get me wrong... I haven't succumbed to right brain emotional escalation... but I am melancholy... worried... exhausted... worn down... I guess it's inevitable for all of us, at least sometime in our lives...

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I have lost myself.
I do not recognize myself
as the girl I once was
or the woman I should be.

I seek myself amid prayers
that rise on smoke of sage and sweetgrass.
As my prayers are carried on feathered wings
my emotions rise to find me.

My pen in hand,
I write myself back to where I belong.
My pen knows the way
and beckons me to follow.
                                  D 1999


  1. like a tide - you can't hold it back ..... swim safely though (buddy system) and watch out for those rip currents

  2. Your poem is so beautiful and true. Go with your feelings right now and take a rest. Know that "this to shall pass" and you will be right with the world when the time is right. Be easy on yourself my friend.

  3. Beautiful and very touching post Dianne!
    I live with grief and great loss too, some days are just harder than others. I find that no matter how much I prepare, birthdays, anniversaries still sneak up on me and drown me in sorrow...what you wrote in 1999 really resonates with me ... 1999 was the year our world crashed ... I found mixed media artwork to be a large part of this healing puzzle and always wished I could find "words" ... still searching for those
    Sending you healing (((hugs)))
    ... Peace ... Love ... Light
    and may you always feel your loved ones close to you as I am sure they are...Love never Dies
    Take Care oxo

  4. What a moving and touching post Dianne! You are SO right and it is true - our love continues for those that have passed into a more peaceful life. Let the happy memories help you get through the rough times. Life can be so overwhelming at times. xxoo