Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another View of a Gentle Giant...

Imperiled due to habitat loss, recreational boating, unprecedented winter cold and it's own slow metabolism and slow reproductive cycle... and now the largest environmental disaster in history of the United States..

"Of the Gentle Folk"
West Indian Manatee in pastels.  See Kimmie's water color version at


  1. Dianne, thanks for the visit today. I was just reading your last few posts and really like what I see here. I love that mid-century modern furniture too. I don't have much, but will be redoing a danish modern chair from that time. I will make it fit in with my eclectic style. My heart breaks for the manatees and all the other animals being damaged or killed by this disaster. I can hardly talk about it! Take care, Sherry

  2. Hi D!

    this is so cute....

    and I just have to say what a unique tea set in your last post! i love it!

    thanks for sharing...and for always coming by to visit me! it means a lot to me!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  3. manatee's certainly are precious!
    Happy day to you Dianne!

  4. Another reminder of what is threatened by this terrible mess in the gulf. It makes me so angry and sad I can hardly stand it and I feel so helpless.