Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Flowers for Tuesday Tea....

Apology in advance for the photo quality... they were taken with my phone... you'll see why...

I believe one's week should start on a good note... and what better way to start a week than with flowers.

(Potted Yellow Kalanchoe on my desk)

So every Monday I try to get flowers for my desk for that week. Then I take a picture of them with my phone and send them to a list of friends to brighten their morning. I call them Monday flowers...

(Blanket flower grows wild on the roadsides)

Sometimes, when I don't have a chance to get flowers for my desk, I improvise and use wildflowers,

(Crepe Myrtle from a Walmart parking lot)

(Periwinkles from the grounds at work)

flowers from home,  my work grounds or from parking lots during lunch.

Today, I sent out a picture of this lovely miniature red rose bush from my dinner table.  I think I'll sit here in the morning for my cuppa...

Happy Tea Tuesday... and be sure to visit the other Tuesday Tea ladies at Kimmie's


  1. Never enough flowers :)
    Lovely post and practice Dianne
    Happy T Tuesday to ya!

  2. Your flowers have really brightened my day. I love how you get flowers from anywhere you visit. How wonderful. Have a great Tea Tuesday.

  3. What a sweet & loving idea!!! You are such a great friend, I can just image getting my weekly pic of flowers to brighten my days.
    Thanks for sharing your charming idea with us, I love it!!!

  4. what a wonderful thing to do!!! and it must help with "manic monday" too - for you AND for your special friends! thanks for sharing your flowers with us :)

    Happy T today!! Kimmie

  5. What a lovely idea. It must help everyone get through their Mondays and give them something to look forward to.

  6. your flowers are beautiful - thanks for sharing.Have a great day.

  7. Love all the flowers. It's a very nice way to start the week!

  8. ooo i love the idea of flower monday! i've replaced reading the paper for morning flower photography...aren't they just so special?? happy t tues