Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Work? Play? Passion...

Well, tomorrow I will be leaving the office in Brooksville and heading down to Venice.  I have a meeting Friday morning in Englewood.  The meeting is one of the 3 per year meetings of the Myakka River Management Coordinating Council.  This Council is a statutorially required body to aid in the management of the Myakka Wild and Scenic River.  I've served on this Council for almost 12 years as the primary voting member for 2 different government agencies.  The Myakka River is beautiful... It's watershed has vast palmetto prairies and pine flatwoods.  It's estuary has extensive salt marshes, dotted with Sabal palm hammocks, and mangrove swamps where wading birds roost and raise their young.  The biggest gators I've ever seen were in the Myakka... one was over 12 feet and had a missing front leg, probably from a fight with another big gator.  The meeting won't be held anywhere on the Myakka, but instead will be held at Lemon Bay Park.  Lemon Bay is a gorgeous lagoon that spans a distance crossing from Sarasota County into Charlotte Coutny, just north of Charlotte Harbor.  After the meeting, I'll be wandering the trails of Lemon Bay Park.  I'll be taking my camera, no doubt.  So, until I can post some pictures from Lemon Bay... I'll leave you with some wildlfie on the Myakka River...

Roseate Spoonbills
Photo by: Jason Utley

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