Sunday, January 31, 2010

A welcome home for me...

So, with traveling all week and being sick Friday and Saturday I haven't been very productive in my art. Today, I did get some calligraphy practice strokes in. I got a nice surprise on my back patio when I got home from being out of town though. A couple of years ago, my brother put a bromeliad on my mom's grave. After it finished flowering I rescued it to my patio. It had not bloomed since. But, as you can see in the photo below... it has sent out a deep red violet set of bracts, from which the flowers will emerge. When it actually blooms, I'll post a photo of the flowers. These are epiphytes, air plants, that grow on the trunks of trees and need no soil. I have bromeliads, tilandsias and orchids, all of which are epiphytes.


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  2. Wow, Dianne, just as you've never lived where the snow piles up like here, I've never seen a bromeliad growing anywhere except at a florist's shop or at shopping malls, where they were put there by florists.