Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Cycle of Life...

The second installment of "Why I love my Bicycle Commute!" involves the (formerly) overgrown yard of an abandoned house. I say formerly, because, sadly, the yard has since been mowed and cleaned up. Sadly? Yes...
This yard was covered in wild Passion Flower vines...
These amazingly beautiful flowers were everywhere...

even over the concrete driveway...

Passion Flowers are a Florida native plant and grow wild here...
Their fruit, Pssion Fruit, are edible and put in teas, yogurts, etc. My dad grew up calling them Maypops. They grow wild in Georgia too. I'll get pictures of the fruit when they are on the vine.
They are the larval host for the Gulf Fritillary butterfly.
The females lay their eggs on the leaves and when they hatch, the caterpillars eat the leaves.  See her in there laying her eggs?
I was upset when I saw that the yard had been mowed and cleaned up. Only the vine covered bush in the middle of the yard remained.  At least it is still there and the vines are thriving on it... They are very persistent (Is that why some call them weeds?) and will be back next summer...


  1. Dear Dianne - the photos are beautiful of the passion flower. I am like you what some folks think as overgrown and weedy I tend to love. Such good shots of the butterflies. I struggle to catch these amazing creatures on film because they move about so quickly. Thanks for visiting my blog and I am looking forward to stopping in often to see what is new. Have a wonderful week-end.

  2. Hopefully the yard has been mowed means someone is living in the house and caring for it now.
    The vibrancy of the passion flowers reminds me how amazing nature is - turning on an act like that to attract the beautiful butterflies!

    Have you contacted blogger about your missing menu - I've found they are usually helpful.

  3. Love your photos. The passion flowers are gorgeous. Amazing shots of the butterflies!

  4. Those flowers look like they belong on another planet ! So beautiful. How hard it is when "life" interfers and knows beauty down...
    Thank goodness for the hope of next year !
    Happy First Sunday in Autumn, Beautiful !

  5. These are just breathtaking. I wish I could take bike rides to work. Two things against me though: the weather and the distance. 25 miles.... But keep on this beautiful path... just breathtaking. I didn't think about making the paintings available before, but I will make the butterfly series available once they are finished... I figure they should go to good homes. Soon they will be done :-)

  6. I love it when beautiful things grow wild. We have nothing like your passion flower in Missouri. How exotic! HOw wonderful too that it hosts a certain butterfly! Thanks for sharing. I envy your commute!