Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lunchtime Surprise!

Yesterday morning my hubby called me from the grocery store asking about the pin number of the card he was using... Then he asked if I was in the office... Of course... and would I meet him in the parking lot at lunchtime... Of course... So he calls when he gets to my building...
and gives me this! A pretty little pink rose bush for my desk! He said I had a little desk, so he got me little flowers...
A couple of weeks ago I snapped this picture of our resident squirrel... He's sitting in a little Dahoon Holly tree between the building and the parking lot, eating green berries...  I see him in this tree a lot.
Today I snapped a picture of him relaxing in his favorite place to hang... Chillin' out in the shade on the wall of our little dining patio... Apparently he lives in the eaves of our building and he's very often spotted sprawled out on the wall.

Next post will be full of pictures of why I love my bicycle commute!


  1. Your flowers are lovely; that was thoughtful of hubby. Love your shots of the squirrel!

  2. What a sweet hubby. :)

    That is the most chill-out squirrel I have ever seen.

  3. what a romantic and thoughtful fellow your dh is!
    those roses are a picture!

    there is something so rascally cute about squirrels...your pix are precious!