Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Neighbor's Garden...

First installment of "Why I Love My Bicycle Commute!"

I took the time one morning to stop and take pictures of one of my neighbors' gardens... What a lovely sight on my way...
I don't know what this yellow flowered bush is...  but it's so cheerful!
This is a Purple Allamanda...
and what a beauty it is,
With it's big soft violet flowers...
A brilliant yellow flowering tree... A False Ponciana? Don't really know... but it makes me smile...
and this beautiful Angels Trumpet tree...
I just love the flowers!
They are this soft shell pink...  See the bee?
Heavenly... don't you think?


  1. beautiful! it looks like you live in the tropics .... oh wait, you do though! good job with the cycling!!!

  2. ooo your photos are stunning Dianne...
    so nice you stopped to smell the flowers AND take some pix too!

    I Love flowers!

  3. So very lush and beautiful! Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  4. Dear Diane - visited your blog for the first time and took a few minutes to read your posts. Your pictures are lovely of the flowers - I am a walker although I used to ride a bike - live in a very hilly part of the U.S. so walking works better for me - I too am an artist - So glad to meet you. Take care and have a wonderful ride home.

  5. Heavenly indeed ! We here in New England are heading into a very different colorful season, not as lush and tropical but beautiful none the less. How blessed are we that we take the time to stop and enjoy the sights ?
    Have a great weekend !